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[fanfic] [Fire Emblem 9/10] [Haar/Jill] in this coarse tapestry unwinding - one shot

Guess who hasn't posted fic since October? 8D ...Really, it's been that long? The heck, self. You fail. Plus this wasn't even written recently. Double fail.

Title: in this coarse tapestry unwinding
Fandom: Fire Emblem 9/10
Rating: PG-13
Length: longer than the Elincia fic whoo 9,297 words. Really it's a one shot. Just...of epic doom, s'all.
Character/Pairing: Haar-centric, Haar/Jill, OC (I never write OCs, wtf), loads of other characters like Tanith, Elincia, Ike, Sothe, etc, hints of various other pairings
Warnings: More stolen snatches of game script, and as it's set from the end of FE9 to post-FE10, spoilers for both.
Summary: She’s his dead teacher’s daughter, nothing more. The guilt is how he feels otherwise, and the softness how he breaks.

Years. This took years to write. And consequently ended up being way too long. Geh. So I guess the moral of the story is – don’t write 9,000 word fics and leave them sitting for a couple years, or something. Figuring out the resolution took too long gah keyboard smash. Is it bad when you can’t believe in happy endings but have to consider writing them? And Haar's probably angstier than he is in canon. I...angstify anyone and everyone, what can I say.

…I don’t know how this got so long. So, er. Moving along.

( And maybe that’s not sadness and a hint of something else in her eyes. )

Thanks again to Rae for the awesome beta and for putting up with me during said beta’ing, etc. 8D
Tags: *fanfiction, vg:fire emblem 10, vg:fire emblem 9

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