Yuuki - up those spiraled stairs

[original] abscission - 1/1

Title: abscission
Fandom: original
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~10,969 words, oneshot
Prompts: 31_days, September 21, 2012: the sky's as blue as a gunshot wound.
Summary: And it occurs to her that she may be going mad, if she's conjured up this sort of imaginary friend.

In which I replay those moments that many of you know over and over again, until it's like a broken record that breaks. With some candy-coated crazy sprinkled in. It didn't end up as schizophrenic as I'd thought it'd be...maybe more editing time was needed, I dunno, since I pounded this out in like...yeah, eight days.

Okay, yeah, I'll just be...editing this constantly over the next few days thanks yeah.

( the shedding of leaves and other such things. )
Shinjiro/Minako - the yellow motif

[fanfic] [Persona 3] [Shinjiro/Minako] the physics of sacrifice - 1/1

Oh my god it has been a while. Hi. I think I've rusted over threefold. Also addicted to P3 for maybe the fifth time, so...yes, this.

Title: the physics of sacrifice
Fandom: Persona 3 (P3P)
Rating: PG13
Length: ~9,550 words, oneshot
Character/Pairing: Shinjiro/Minako, Akihiko, et al
Prompts: Written for 31_days, September 12, 2012: sever my last remaining breath.
Warnings: Spoilers for the entire game, of course.
Summary: Like a dead and dying moth still attracted to a bright and burning flame.

Haha, so during some of Shinjiro’s s.link, I had a few “…wait, really? You really just said that?” moments (much like I did with Akihiko…sigh, game, why can’t they be perfect with no awkward lines), and I was waffling on his personality for a while. But then my brain went, “Hey, no, we can totally work with that.”

This is typically a bad sign. Along with needing like a year and a half or so to finish this. Chose a 31_days theme to force myself to finally post it. I mean, seriously.

( A boy who gained things and lost them all along the way met a nice girl and dreamed a nice dream – )
Keiichi - daybreak

[fanfic] [Higurashi] [Keiichi, Rika, Keiichi/Mion] the red tick in your clockwork wake - one shot

Title: the red tick in your clockwork wake
Fandom: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Rating: PG13
Length: approx. 6,058 words, one-shot
Character/Pairing: Keiichi, Rika, Keiichi/Mion
Prompts: Written for 31_days, October 17, 2010: brush the summer by.
Warnings: Spoilers for the whole series. And if I’ve gotten canon wrong, oops – I’m mostly sticking to animeverse on this one.
Summary: After all that death and dying, living should be easier. But nothing wraps up the way it does in the movies.

Holy crap, writing for Higurashi is a trippy, bloody experience.

I’ve also found that it’s very hard to shorten a very long, banal recovery process into a few thousand words that’ll sound interesting to read. Oops.

( He realizes that he has a new fear: that the dreams will take over and become more than mere dreams. )

Thanks to Rae for the quick read-through, and thanks for reading.

[icons] [Durarara!!, Castle, Black Cat, Gundam SEED/DESTINY] Batch post #009

Ninth icon post. This posting icons thing seems to have turned into a yearly event. Naturally, this means that I'm only rustier and rustier and that my icons are, well. Bah.

Also, Durarara!!...kinda hijacked this post. Especially Kida. The Gundam icons are pretty old. I'd have iconed chars besides Athrun, really, but I lack the good quality images to do so. ): *wants to make Kira icons*

And because there are so many damn icons in this batch, more Durarara!!, Black Cat, and some Higurashi no Naku Koro ni soon. Making no promises re: when, though. 8D

Also! Check out black_cat_fans if you have the time and are into the series - we've just opened and think Black Cat needs more love. And a more active fandom. :D :D :D

Things to remember:
- credit's awesome
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- enjoy!

{150 icons}
[80] Durarara!! 1x01-1x08 (1-80)
[40] Castle 1x01, 2x01-2x03 (81-120)
[20] Black Cat (121-140)
[10] Gundam SEED/DESTINY (141-150)

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FE10 - Elincia

[fanfic] [Fire Emblem 9/10] [Haar/Jill] in this coarse tapestry unwinding - one shot

Guess who hasn't posted fic since October? 8D ...Really, it's been that long? The heck, self. You fail. Plus this wasn't even written recently. Double fail.

Title: in this coarse tapestry unwinding
Fandom: Fire Emblem 9/10
Rating: PG-13
Length: longer than the Elincia fic whoo 9,297 words. Really it's a one shot. Just...of epic doom, s'all.
Character/Pairing: Haar-centric, Haar/Jill, OC (I never write OCs, wtf), loads of other characters like Tanith, Elincia, Ike, Sothe, etc, hints of various other pairings
Warnings: More stolen snatches of game script, and as it's set from the end of FE9 to post-FE10, spoilers for both.
Summary: She’s his dead teacher’s daughter, nothing more. The guilt is how he feels otherwise, and the softness how he breaks.

Years. This took years to write. And consequently ended up being way too long. Geh. So I guess the moral of the story is – don’t write 9,000 word fics and leave them sitting for a couple years, or something. Figuring out the resolution took too long gah keyboard smash. Is it bad when you can’t believe in happy endings but have to consider writing them? And Haar's probably angstier than he is in canon. I...angstify anyone and everyone, what can I say.

…I don’t know how this got so long. So, er. Moving along.

( And maybe that’s not sadness and a hint of something else in her eyes. )

Thanks again to Rae for the awesome beta and for putting up with me during said beta’ing, etc. 8D
Kamina; Simon - moments of tranquility

[fanfic] [Gurren Lagann] [Simon/Yoko] like ghost stories in reverse - one shot

I don't have an icon with Yoko yet? Blasphemy. D8

...This also may or may not be slightly - well, it might not be just before midnight, is all I'm saying. Shh. 8D;;;;; I, er, forced this out rather quickly. Pain.

Title: like ghost stories in reverse
Fandom: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Rating: PG/PG-13
Length: approx. 4,866 words, one shot
Character/Pairing: Yoko and Simon; sort of Simon/Yoko, Simon/Nia, Kamina/Yoko. That makes up the holy trinity or something, huh.
Prompts: Written for 31_days, October 22, 2009: Vanish quickly, for you are finally free.
Warnings: Post-series, massive spoilers.
Summary: He was supposed to have saved his girl. She was supposed to have fallen in love. They did; that was then; this is now.

( God, they’d been so foolishly young. )

Holy crap. I. Think I wrote 3000 words of this last night and today. Yay not paying enough attention to deadlines and then flipping out.

Major thanks to Rae for waiting up for me to finish writing this, and uh. Gah for rushed, rushed, crappy fic. But. Well, yes.

…Dealing with ff.net tomorrow. Need to finish hw. And sleep. Theoretically speaking. ):
Train - 始まりはいつもそう

[fanfic] [Black Cat] [Train/Rinslet] (can't) catch that cat - one shot

My roommate went home, sick. I cannot afford to be sick right now, and I'm worried, even though I have an immune system of pure steel. Motherfucker.

...Anyway. Sigh. Also, major hate towards ff.net for not allowing parentheses in titles. Why can’t you just accommodate the whims of my crazy writing all the time. Why. ]:

Title: (can’t) catch that cat
Fandom: Black Cat
Rating: PG/PG-13
Length: 7,908 words, oneshot (oops.)
Character/Pairing: Rinslet-centric, Train/Rinslet, Eve, Sven, lol!Eve-Train rivalry
Prompts: Written for 31_days, October 5, 2009: the cat learns a festival dance.
Warnings: Post-series, mangaverse (really, the anime’s dead to me, and the two never interacted in it anyway – and did I mention their characterization? And the stripped-down plot?).
Summary: He called his friend a kindred spirit, just like how Rinslet thinks of him. But she doesn’t compare at all. She knows.

( 'Oh, trust me. It’ll be worth your while.' )

Uhhhh. That was. Yes. I hope I did them justice – writing around Train’s general asexuality was rather challenging, I have to admit. But he has to mature mentally at some point, so… 8D

And this was also longer than I’d intended. Oops.

Thanks to Rae for the faithful beta (despite, er, not initially remembering certain characters), and thanks for the read. Yay comments. :]
Revy - daybreak

[fanfic] [Black Lagoon] [Rock/Revy] the thing about lithium bullets is - one shot

So I was trying to sleep last night, almost fell asleep at maybe 3 a.m....and then BU-BAMMM two shots of what sounded like cannonfire. The hell. This doesn't happen as infrequently as I'd like. D8 What kind of construction are they doing over there? If it's guards shooting off fireworks......ooooh. So yeah, now I'm all headache-y at the office. Fun, fun.

Title: the thing about lithium bullets is
Fandom: Black Lagoon
Rating: M (it's Revy talking, what did you expect)
Length: approx. 5,199 words, one shot.
Character/Pairing: Rock/Revy, because it’s not like I can resist. Revy-centric, various mentions of ensemble.
Prompts: Written for 31_days, August 30, 2009: I wanted to see you walking away from me.
Warnings: Eh, spoilers for the Fujiyama Gangster Paradise/Japan arc.
Summary: Revy doesn’t believe in penance, in love, in fixing broken people the way the movies do. She’s not the only one.

( No, it’s not that simple. )

I was this close to deciding screw it and not posting this, haha. Still not sure how I like this one. Thank Rae (or don’t thank her) for that, and for the beta. Comments and reviews are great. :]
Athrun/Cagalli - all that's left unsaid

[icons] [The Mentalist, Ghost Hunt, Fairy Tail, Black Lagoon] Batch post #008

Thought I was dead? I did too.

Eighth icon post. Hey, look, I haven't posted new icons in a year :D! ...8D Sooooo anyway. Those Mentalist and GH icons have been sitting around for 4-7 months, and I just got into Fairy Tail and not enough icons, and certain people kept capslocking at me to make them, and...and yeah. Damnit.

Byyyyy the way I'm on a laptop that doesn't show color correctly. I got my hands on one that does as much as I could, but. If something looks really weird/oversaturated/overly...hm, I think it should be yellow/cyan, lemme know. Grr argh and all that.

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- enjoy!

{140 icons}
[55] The Mentalist (1-55)
[35] Ghost Hunt (56-90)
[30] Fairy Tail (91-120)
[20] Black Lagoon (121-140)

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Hei - alone in a crowd

[fanfic] [Darker than BLACK] [Hei-centric] songs of sunken starlight starbrights - one shot

Ahhh deadlines. I'm sleepy. It's not actually 11:26 p.m., haha. 8D

Title: songs of sunken starlight starbrights
Fandom: Darker than BLACK
Rating: PG
Length: 2,125 words, one shot
Character/Pairing: Hei-centric, Bai, Amber, Yin, ensemble, some Hei/Amber
Prompts: Written for 31_days, March 24, 2009: a vein of stars calling out my name.
Warnings: Post-series, spoilers and vague references.
Summary: Those missing stars, they haunt him sometimes.

( Holding the stars like paintings we are; pull one down for me. )

Yay for rushing things. Though, I only gave myself a day and a bit to write this, so…I uh, haha. 8D

Lyrics are from “Radiance” by Greenwheel; beta job by Rae, who thankfully stopped me from posting the thing before it was ready.

Oh, and I hate titles. That’s all.