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absolution sky fanworks
writing, art, and icons like whoa, when possible.
[original] abscission - 1/1 
21st-Sep-2012 10:00 pm
Yuuki - up those spiraled stairs
Title: abscission
Fandom: original
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~10,969 words, oneshot
Prompts: 31_days, September 21, 2012: the sky's as blue as a gunshot wound.
Summary: And it occurs to her that she may be going mad, if she's conjured up this sort of imaginary friend.

In which I replay those moments that many of you know over and over again, until it's like a broken record that breaks. With some candy-coated crazy sprinkled in. It didn't end up as schizophrenic as I'd thought it'd be...maybe more editing time was needed, I dunno, since I pounded this out in like...yeah, eight days.

Okay, yeah, I'll just be...editing this constantly over the next few days thanks yeah.

( the shedding of leaves and other such things. )
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